PVC Electrical Tapes All Colours

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Length 33 Metres

Range of widths: 12, 19, 25 & 50mm

Range of colours.

No Lead content.

Good electrical properties, self extinguishing.

Tough, flexible & conformable.

Approved by BS3924, INQ, VDE, OVE.

General purpose insulating tape.

Self Amalgamating Tapes

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Black PIB Self Amalgamating Tape.

Length 10 Metres.

Choice of widths: 19 or 25mm

Compatible with a wide range of rubber and plastic dielectric cable insulation.

Highly resistant to prolonged immersion in water and has excellent resistance to ozone.

Applications: Used for making watertight seals at polyethylene sleeve joints on polyethylene-sleeved telephone cables, both above and below ground.

Used for jointing (splicing) and repair of a wide range of power and distribution cables up to 46 kV.

Waterproof Cloth Tape

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3160 Waterproof Cloth Tape.

Black, White & Silver available.

Length 50 Metres.

Width: 50, 75 & 100mm.

A polyethylene coated waterproof cloth tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive.

Excellent adhesion and strength.

Applications: General purpose waterproof cloth tape.

Used for sealing, bundling, masking and protecting.

Excellent for joining polyethylene sheeting in asbestos removal applications.

Masking Tape

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Masking Tape, Length 50 Metres.
Width: 24mm or 48mm.