Paint Mixing Tank c/w Hose & Spray Gun

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Aeropro 10 Litre Paint Tank with Hose & Spray Gun.

1/4" Paint Outlet.

Maximum Working Pressure 2.1 bar.

Used for premixed paint, excellent for larger spray areas.

Compact portable design, quick release catches for paint tank.

3m twin hose set permits easy movement.

Fluid pressure regulator included for accurate setting.

Includes pressure spray gun with 2mm nozzle.

Air Powered Diaphragm Pump

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Aeropro APA-25 Air Powered Diaphragm Pump.

Available for 4-6 spray guns simultaneously

1/4" Air Inlet, 3/4" Paint Inlet, 3/4" Paint Outlet.

Flow 3060 Litres per Hour.

Maximum Working Pressure 7 bar.

Diaphragm life up to 18 million cycles.

Patented commutator construction.

100% transmission efficiency.

Suitable for conveyance fluid and paint spraying.

Unique air circulation structure which provides stall-free life cycles.