GravityWaste Oil Drainer

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5/7 Day Delivery

Waste Oil Drainer, 90 Litre Capacity

Pneumatic Oil Drainer

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5/7 Days Delivery

90 Litre Capacity

Extracts used oil from vehicle using its venturi-vacuum extraction system.

Includes six suction probes equipped with quick disconnect couplers.

Adaptors for VW and BMW also included.

2 m Drain hose

2 in 1 Waste Oil Drainer

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5/7 days delivery

Combination suction and gravity waste oil drainer unit

Extracts used oil from any vehicle using the venturi / vacuum extraction system.

Suitable for draining oil by gravity from engines, gearboxes, and differentials on all vehicles

Includes six suction probes (metal and flexible) equipped with quick couplers for fluid extraction.

Adjustable collection bowl heigh

Self-evacuating feature makes emptying clean and simple

Adaptors for BMW and Volkswagen are included