Manual Oil Delivery System

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Self Contained Oil Pump, Oil Delivery System.

Self-contained oil pump supplied with a 16 litre (4.23 gallon) container with handle.

Fitted with a 48" (4ft) fuel-resistant soft PVC hose with nozzle for clean discharge.

Variable handle setting for light or heavy fluids.

Recommended for transmission differentials and heavier oils.

Not suitable for water-based fluids or other corrosive media.

Rotary Barrel Pump

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2" BSPP Female connection.

Cast Iron, Rotary Barrel Pump.

Flow: 25 Litres per Minute

A robust cast iron rotary barrel pump capable of up to 25 L/min for dispensing fuel or oils.

Supplied complete with 1 metre sectioned metal suction pipe and 2" BSP barrel adaptor.

Lever Pump

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Lever Drum Pump.

Flow: 20 Litres per Minute

Suitable for diesel, biodiesel up to B30 or oils SAE 90.

Metal lever action drum pump.

Capable of up to 20 lpm.

2" BSPM drum adaptor.

Telescopic suction pipe.(2 piece)

Manual Syphon Pumps

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Manual Syphon Pump.

Two sizes to suit 5 to 25 Litre drums and 205 Litre drum

Suitable for pumping most liquids:

Acids, Alkalines, Anitfreeze, De-greaser, Distilled water, Diesel, Biodiesel B100, light oils and solvents.

Includes delivery hose and suction pipe.

HPS25 fits 5-25 litre containers, delivery hose 534mm (21"), suction 380mm (15").

HPS205 fits 205 litre container, delivery hose 1295mm (51"), suction 850mm (33.1/2").

Liquid Suction Extraction Units

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Manual Transfer Pump, Liquid Suction/Extraction Units, 6 Litre Capacity

Novel device that both sucks and stores extracted liquids.

Suitable for fuels, water, oils and many other liquids.

Removes: Oil from vehicles, lawn mowers, motorbikes, hydraulic reservoirs without draining.

Simply insert the suction pipes in the dipstick hole.

Water from banded fuel tanks cabinets, fish tanks, bilges and otherwise inaccessible areas.

Fuel spillages from bunded tanks/fill point cabinets.

Can even suck up surface puddles.

Supplied with suction probes to fit most applications.

Lightweight and portable, 17 litre version has castors.

When full, remove top plug to pour out the contents.

Oil Suction Gun

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Oil Suction Gun, 500cc Capacity

For getting oil in/out of gearboxes, transfer cases differentials.

Suitable for use with non corrosive liquids.

Capacity 500cc with 300mm PVC hose.

Deluxe lip seal provides maximum suction.

Steel barrel in premium powder coated finish.

Fully serviceable.

No priming required.

Gear Oil Pump

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Gear Oil Pump,.

Flow 0.001 lpm

Nitrile Seal

Suitable with high viscosity oils, ideal for filling gear boxes.

Polypropylene pump, mild steel piston and nitrile seals.

Dispenses approximately 100ml per stroke.

Has a 1.5m outlet hose with spout.

Spout can be drained by locating back into pump body.

Supplied with two adaptors as standard: One fits most 25L external Plysu threads (60mm dia).

The other fits most 25L Trisure/Valorex thread (56mm dia).

Z Swivel

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1/4" BSPP Male x 1/4" BSPP Female