PCL 100 mm Angle Tip Blowgun

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1/4" BSPP Female 100 mm Extended Nozzle

PCL 100 mm Angle Tip Safety Blowgun

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1/4" BSPP Female Safety Version

PCL 230 mm Angle Tip Blowgun

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1/4" BSPP Female

230 mm (9") Extended Nozzle

PCL Metal Blowgun c/w Safety Nozzle

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PCL Air Technology 1/4" BSPP Female Palm Grip With Safety Nozzle

PCL Palm Blowgun

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BG605 Blow gun.

BGN466 Extension nozzle can be purchased separately.

Blow gun is supplied with a safety nozzle and conical nozzle.9" Extension (purchased separately) will screw directly onto the blow gun.1/4" Female connection.
Max W.P: 10 bar.
Airflow: 247 l/m (8.9 cfm).

Palm Blowgun 9" Extension Nozzle

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BGN466 Extension nozzle.9" Extension will screw directly into the BG605 blow gun.