Reinforced PVC Braided Hose - 30m

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30 Metre Coils.

Other sizes and varieties are available, please enquire

Temperature Range -20°C to +55°C.Pressure Range 5 to 15 bar.

Multi Purpose Reinforced PVC Hose - 30m

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Available in Blue, Black & Red.

W.P 1/4" 18 Bar

W.P 5/16" 15 Bar

W.P 3/8" 13 Bar

W.p 1/2" 11 Bar

Lightweight and highly flexible.
High resistance to acids and alkalis.
Silicone free.
Food quality.
Temperature Range: -15°C to +60°C.
Max W.P is at 20 Deg C.

Lightweight Flexible Reinforced PVC Hose - 30m

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Lightweight, Braided PVC Hose.

BS6066 & ISO5774 Standard Blue.

Polyester Yarn.

Working Temperature: -15°C to +60°C.

Maximum Working Pressure: 18 bar.

Lightweight – 30% lighter than standard PVC.

Superior kink resistance compared to standard PVC and rubber.Extremely flexible, making it ideal for use with air tools.

Multi Purpose Air & Oil Hose - 10m

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For use with Air or Oil.

Working Pressure 20 Bar.

Bursting Pressure 60 Bar.

Temperature -20 deg C to +90 deg C.